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Dentures & Partials Sent Directly To Your Doorstep In 2 to 3 Weeks - Delivering Nationwide

Custom Partials to Use as Replacement Teeth

RB Dental of Inglewood, California, creates partials based on the mold and fit of your mouth. Our replacement teeth are comfortable and affordable, giving you a boost of confidence!

Partial Dentures

If you are missing a few teeth, let is custom-make a partial to give you a fuller smile. We send you a mold kit to bite into so we receive the impression of your mouth. Send the kit back to us and we produce a partial denture to replace those missing teeth.

You generally receive your new partials within two to three weeks. Partials replace all the teeth you are missing for one set price of $300. Fees for our partials include the mold kit, which covers your whole mouth. We produce a flexible rubber partial, which is unbreakable and fits your mouth comfortably.

There may be some discomfort at first, but the partial automatically molds to the fit of your mouth within three days and becomes really soft. Change your entire look to increase confidence with a new beautiful smile. Instead of paying thousands of dollars, come to us!

Replacement Teeth

Contact us to complete your smile with a brand new set of teeth!