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Dentures & Partials Sent Directly To Your Doorstep In 2 to 3 Weeks - Delivering Nationwide

Full Dentures for New Teeth

Let us give you a set of brand new teeth with a pair of custom-molded dentures. We create dentures at our lab in Inglewood, California, and send them right to your doorstep!

Full Dentures

Create a whole new smile with one of our dentures, made specifically for your mouth! We send a mold kit for you to bite into and send back, and within two to three weeks you receive your brand new teeth. Once we have an impression of your gums, we send out another mold for you to bite into so we get the original length of your teeth.

Our dentists talk you through the process over the phone. When we have the second mold back, we have a better overall view of your original teeth to know how long and wide to make the dentures. The fees for dentures are the same as our partials, a flat fee of $300 which covers your whole mouth and mold kits.


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