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Dentures & Partials Sent Directly To Your Doorstep In 2 to 3 Weeks - Delivering Nationwide

Dental Laboratory Specializing in Creating Custom-Fitted False Teeth

Fixing Your Smile

Feel confident in your smile again with partials from RB Dental. We create replacement teeth based on a mold kit we send to you, so each partial is uniquely designed for your mouth.  Custom mold kit sent out to create your new smile.

Creating a New Smile

Transform your smile with new teeth made just for you at our lab. Our full set of dentures adjusts to your mouth so you barely feel them.

Service Area

Serving Inglewood, California
Services Available Nationwide

Learn about RB Dental

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, RB Dental is a dental laboratory in Inglewood, California, that specializes in creating false teeth for senior citizens. We care about your needs and do our best to meet all of your expectations. Our prices are competitive to suit your budget.

Our number one goal is to give you a better smile, and also educate people on the fact that having teeth in your mouth allows the digestive system to work properly. We are most passionate about creating a wonderful smile for you. You speak with a live member of our staff who walks you through the process.

Contact our lab to request a partial or full denture mold kit.